Marine VSAT Australia

Installing a Cobham 2.4m C-Band VSAT in Western Australia

Acutec has many years of experience providing marine VSAT solutions for all types of vessel operating from the Australian Antarctic to the tropical North and deep into the Indian and Pacific oceans.

This includes competitively priced C, Ku or Ka-band hardware, installation, airtime and crucially, our industry-leading technical support and maintenance services.

Our sales and engineering staff are highly experienced with the latest marine VSAT equipment such as the Cobham Sailor 900 Ku band VSAT, or the Intellian V240M C-band VSAT system which are ideally suited for use in Australian waters.

Sailor 900 VSAT System

If communications are critical to your operation, it pays to have a local company ready to mobilise at short notice and that can communicate from within your time zone. From our locations in Sydney and Fremantle, our marine VSAT solutions can be deployed and commissioned quickly and with lower travel costs compared to overseas companies.

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