TV Equipment & Services

For passenger service and crew welfare, good quality satellite TV is seen as essential in almost all professional maritime markets.

Our range of stabilised marine satellite TV antennas from Sea Tel and Intellian range from 65cm to 3.5m reflector diameter. We can provide TV services with maritime technical support for vessels operating in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas as well as the Australian and Pacific region services shown below. A selection of available hardware and service plans are shown below.

Intellian t80W
Intellian t80W TV Antenna

The 85cm Intellian t80W is ideal for vessels with limited real estate, ...

Sea Tel TV 120
Sea Tel TV 120

With a 166cm radome, the Sea Tel TV 120 is ideal for large yachts, div ...

Cobham Sea Tel ST144
Sea Tel ST 144

Used on cruise ships around the world, the Cobham Sea Tel ST 144 is Se ...

Foxtel Marine TV
Foxtel Marine TV

Our Foxtel marine packages for ships, commercial vessels, offshore fac ...

Acutec Cruise TV
Acutec Cruise TV

Cruise TV is the only broadcast TV service specifically designed for g ...

VAST Television
VAST Australian TV

VAST is Australia's public satellite TV service. Free of monthly fees, ...

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