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It's business (Almost) as Usual in Spain, Australia & Singapore

A typical ship using Fleet Broadband or Iridium as its primary satcom system could save 10s of thousands of dollars per year. Despite the click-bait headline, it is actually true. A clever mobile browser called Puffin removes the stuff you don't need from every web page you visit. Images and videos are optimised and compressed. When we tested it we saved 90% on data usage.

Now you can find out with Cobham Satcom's new 3D catalogue app. Being 3D, you can pinch, pan and rotate your way to maritime satcom heaven with all your favourite ship satellite and radio products.

One of the best things about working at Acutec Systems is our connection with the huge range of diverse and fascinating maritime projects our customers are involved with.

The last time I was here in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea commissioning a Sea Tel marine VSAT system, this beauty was erupting. It took us a bit longer than usual to figure out why we couldn't get the system on satellite.

Good things come in threes. Is that how the saying goes? One of our talented (and lucky) marine VSAT engineers completed three back-to-back VSAT service visits in the island paradise of Bora Bora in French Polynesia this week. All three super yachts had problems with their dual 1m Ku-band marine VSAT systems. All working again now, and not a bad place to work for a few days. ...

Today is World Oceans Day and to mark the occasion, Museums Victoria will stage a live event on board CSIRO's ship RV Investigator. Children around the country will be able to see specimens such as the popular faceless fish and the alien-like sea spider.

A sunset pic for Valentines day from a member of our global field service team! Romantic? Perhaps not, but it's still a great view from high up on this cruise ship in Hong Kong harbour. ...

That feeling when you get off the ship and you've fixed the VSAT! — in Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. ...

What does a ship comms technician do in their spare time? Go and look at ship comms technology obviously. Mark took this excellent 360 on USS Midway after his visit to a yacht in Mexico last week. ...

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