Acutec Releases Dual VSAT Switch

Acutec today announced the launch of it's new Dual Antenna Switch (DAS). The 1RU package allows two Sea Tel VSAT antennas to provide uninterrupted Data and Voice communications on vessels where a single antenna can become obstructed by superstructure, masts, rigging and other equipment.

The DAS was developed in response to demands from several large sailing superyacht owners to solve the problem of drop-outs in telephone and internet services. Large sailing vessels have a unique problem in that conventional switches cannot prevent drop-outs due to obstructions from small items of rigging. In addition, pre-programmed, fixed blockage profiles become innacurate as the yacht rolls and heels.

To solve this problem, the Acutec DAS uses a unique combination of fixed zones and real-time signal signal strength measurements to ensure that the best antenna is always selected. There is a simple, intuitive user interface and the system comes packaged in a compact, rugged rack enclosure for inclusion in the existing VSAT rack.

ACUTEC is a member of the global network of Sea Tel agents. Specialists in maritime satellite services, we offer a range of hardware, airtime and maintenance support services for the super-yacht, offshore, government and commercial maritime industries. For more information, please go to, contact or call +61 2 9045 9300.

For more information please go to Dual Antenna VSAT System

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Jonathan is a professional engineer with a passion for all things maritime electronics. He founded Acutec Systems in 2004 and continues to lead the teams in Europe and Australia, delivering communications, entertainment and IT solutions for vessel operators.

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