Satellite TV Antenna For Yachts And Boats

Sea Tel's new Coastal series satellite antenna is making crystal-clear Foxtel Digital TV at sea more practical and affordable for many Australian yacht and boat owners.

The Coastal TV antennas are simple to install and use and are available in three compact sizes from 18' (46cm) diameter up to 30' (76cm) diameter to suit vessels from 10m in length.

Thanks to the innovative feed design, the smallest version is compact enough to be fitted to smaller yachts, yet has better signal strength than many much larger marine satellite TV systems.

Rough weather is no problem either, thanks to a 3-axis gyro-stabilisation system that keeps the TV antenna pointing at the satellite, even in choppy seas or when maneuvering the yacht at high speed.

With built-in GPS receiver, installation is straightforward and TV satellite acquisition is fast and reliable.

ACUTEC supplies and supports the full range of Sea Tel marine satellite antennas from the Coastal 18' (46cm) TV, right up to the largest 12ft (4m) communications systems.

With 28 years in the business, Sea Tel is the world's leading manufacturer of marine satellite TV and communications antennas.

ACUTEC is a member of the global network of Sea Tel agents. Specialists in maritime satellite services, we offer a range of hardware, airtime and maintenance support services for the super-yacht, offshore, government and commercial maritime industries. For more information, please go to, contact or call +61 2 9045 9300.

About the author

Jonathan is a professional engineer with a passion for all things maritime electronics. He founded Acutec Systems in 2004 and continues to lead the teams in Europe and Australia, delivering communications, entertainment and IT solutions for vessel operators.

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