Sea Tel Marine Broadband VSAT Antenna

SEA Tel's new 4006 Marine Ku-band VSAT Antenna has met the FCC's two degree separation requirements for tracking antennas.

Based on the popular 4003 antenna, the new system makes further improvements including higher efficiency and increased operating ranges.

When a ship at sea needs broadband Internet or maritime VSAT, it needs an antenna that can point accurately in all sea states.

To avoid interference from signals meant for nearby satellites, communications regulators impose strict limits on antenna performance and beam widths.

For smaller antennas compliance can be difficult, so that previously, only larger systems on bigger vessels have had access to marine broadband speeds at sea. The 4006's remarkable performance changes this.

With a generous -20° to +115° range of elevation, the antenna is able to track low and high elevation satellites even when rolling and pitching. This effectively increases the useable coverage area for marine mobile VSAT, especially useful in areas such as Asia Pacific.

In addition, the new system uses an improved and highly efficient satellite dish and feed arrangement (>70%).

All of these factors can equate to lower air-time costs, higher speed and fewer errors.

Sea Tel offers a range of maritime VSAT broadband Internet and private network antennas, sized from 1m all the way up to systems with 3.7m diameter reflectors.

ACUTEC is a member of the global network of Sea Tel agents. Specialists in maritime satellite services, we offer a range of hardware, airtime and maintenance support services for the super-yacht, offshore, government and commercial maritime industries. For more information, please go to, contact or call +61 2 9045 9300.

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